Paul Kronenberg

The Legal Battle to Unlock Wine Commerce


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2001

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Business/Finance Session: Seeking a definitive decision from the courts on the supremacy of interstate commerce over the 21 st Amendment to try and unlock fair trade in wine for consumers has emerged as a promising and fast track strategy. Tired rhetoric has given way to reasoned arguments about commerce in America and the states? legitimate regulatory reach. Led by the Coalition for Free Trade, and numerous consumer advocates around the country, lawsuits in seven states have gained momen-tum and the attention of opinion makers. This session will explore the legal strategy and its implementation, emerging issues from court filings, and potential outcomes.

Moderator: Paul Kronenberg, Family Winemakers of California

Speakers: Bill Kinzler, Coalition for Free Trade, Clint Bolick, Institute for Justice, Tracy Genesen, Foley & Lardner