Russell B. Marz, ND, LAc

The Ideal Diet: Is There One?


AANP 2002 Convention ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

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This lecture will attempt to answer the question, "What is the ideal diet". With so many different diets being prescribed the answer is not always clear. High protein vs. high carbohydrate diets will be compared and contrasted as related to morbidity and mortality. What do most people die from and what is the best diet.

ú Is there an ideal diet?

ú How can we determine what an ideal diet is?

ú What are the tenants of an ideal diet?

ú What do people die of today?

ú Special Diets: Calorie restriction and Blood type diets

ú What is the body of evidence to support these diets? What studies do we have to support some of the claims made?

ú Our Evolutionary past: Lab evaluation of a healthy person