David L. Hoffmann, BSc, FNIMH, RH (AHG)

The Herbalist on CD-ROM for MacIntosh


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This CD-ROM introduces and describes the skilled use of herbal medicines within a holistic perspective. The Definitive Source of Information on Therapeutic Herbalism as Practiced in Europe and as Taught in North America. This Multi-Media Presentation includes: Basic Principles ~ Human Systems ~ Actions ~ Herbal Materia Medica ~ Color Photorgaphy ~ Music ~ Sound ~ Narration by David Hoffmann. Anyone involved in health care, whether practitioner or patient, can benefit from this detailed, yet easy-to-use program. This computer program contains: BASIC PRINCIPLES and THE HUMAN SYSTEMS: (Digestive, Nervous, Urinary, Reproductive, Musculo-Skeletal, Immune, Etc.) ALSO INCLUDED: Materia Medica with Citations, Glossary, English to Latin Names, Latin to English Names, Prefixes and Suffixes, Herb Names and Plant Taxonomy, Herbal Poetry by Dr. James Duke and a Narrated Walk through an Herb Garden.