Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, FACN, CNS

The Future of the Clinic: New Frontiers in Nutritional Medicine (4-AUDIO CD DISC SET) ~ 2009



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In this thought-provoking yet practical seminar, Dr. Bland will apply new nutrigenomic science to the development of personalized clinical programs focused on the prevention and management of common chronic conditions.

Dr. Bland will discuss:

Effective nutrients for preventing age-related chronic diseases

Natural medicine for disorders associated with immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity

Nutritional medicine for managing insulin resistance, cardiometabolic syndrome, and Type 2 diabetes

Nutritional approaches to managing and preventing degenerative joint diseases

New scientific advances for managing osteoporosis and bone loss

Key Clinical Takeaways:

Discover new scientific developments in nutritional medicine

Understand clinical biomarkers for assessing and managing chronic health conditions

Learn how to develop personalized nutritional medicine plans to address a variety of chronic diseases