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The French Revolution (4-Tape Set)


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One of the strangest periods in world history is brought back to life by one of the world's experts on European history. The French Revolution is considered by many historians to be the classic model of human social revolution. In a series of four lectures, Professor Jon Bridgman reviews the events which lead to the end of European fudalism, the decline of royal authority and the rise of democratic, representitive government. In the final presentation of this series, Dr. Bridgman uses the French Revolution as a model to examine events which were transforming Eastern Europe at the time of this recording in August of 1990, just after the collapes of the Berlin Wall and prior to the demise of the Soviet Union.

Audio Tape #1 ~ The Origins of the French Revolution and the Events of 1789

Audio Tape #2 ~ 1790-1794 The French Revolution at Its Height

Audio Tape #3 ~ 1794-1799 The Undoing of the Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

Audio Tape #4 ~ The French Revolution as a Model for Current Events in Eastern Europe (Recorded in 1990)