Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, FACN, CNS

The Emerging Therapeutic Target (5-AUDIO CD DISC SET) ~ 2008



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A Revolutionary Clinical Approach to Managing Imbalanced Physiology Associated with Many Chronic Illnesses

Health care has historically focused on the primacy of diagnosis as the sine qua non, or essential condition, of treatment. For patients presenting with multiple signs and symptoms of chronic illnesses, this medical paradigm often includes a variety of interventions that treat each diagnosis differently. This conceptual framework has led to the development of polypharmacy-the administration of an excessive number of medications-a paradigm that is rapidly becoming an approach of the past.t this seminar, Dr. Bland will explore the clinical and basic science that has led to the understanding of an intersection, or underlying physiological mechanism, associated with multiple chronic conditions, such as:


Cardiovascular diseases including cardiometabolic syndrome

Type 2 diabetes

Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

Insulin-mediated dementia

This revolutionary information provides the opportunity to address the therapeutic target-a cause rather than effect-of multiple chronic illnesses, enabling healthcare providers to achieve more effective clinical outcomes.

Key Clinical Takeaways:

Explore emerging research on the interaction between genetic potential and environmental factors, which influences cellular signaling

Discover the intersection of multiple chronic conditions, which results in a therapeutic target for improved patient outcomes

Master cutting-edge, clinical applications to address underlying physiological mechanisms of various illnesses