Nigel Plummer, PhD

The Effect of the Changing Environment on Disease Potential and Human Immune Response


AANP 2002 Convention ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

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Changing environmental status and challenges have profound effects on disease incidence and progression, and this provokes the need for modification in both physiological and social parameters if this change is to be successfully accommodated. This lecture will focus on several key areas of environmental change and its effect on health and disease status, including:

1. The relationship between environmental challenge, allergy potential and immune response

2. Clean environments as incubators for microbial resistance.

3. Effect of global environmental change in the spread of existing infection and the emergence of new ones in the 21st century. In all cases, optimal approaches to dealing with or accommodating change will be discussed with special reference to the role of naturopathic medicine in what are invariably multi-disciplinary systems.