The Complete HerbFest 2001 on Audio Cassette Tapes in Two Free Storage Albums


HerbFest 2001

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Frontier?s HerbFest is an annual weekend conference devoted to the exploration of herbal medicine, the use, study and preservation of herbs, natural health care,and exploring a sustainable lifestyle. Our family-friendly conference takes place in Norway, Iowa at Frontier Natural Product Co-op?s facilities every August.

At HerbFest, you can learn from top-notch educational programs, whether you?re just beginning your explorations or building on years of experience. Discover the secrets of time-honored healing methods like Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and more. Learn how to enhance family health, companion animal health and address ailments with herbs and other healing modalities. Network with growers, retailers, marketers, herbalists, practitioners and other herb lovers.