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The Complete HANP 2000 Homeopathic Case Conference on Audio Cassette Tapes in a Free Storage Album (10-Tape Set)


HANP 2000 Homeopathic Case Conference ~ 14th Annual

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Theme: "Saving Lives ~ Changing Lives.... With Classical Homeopathy"

Audio Tape #001: "Mandragora: The Darker Side of Belladonna" ~ A case of a child with attention deficit disorder and tics helps to illustrate this lesser known remedy and how it compares to Belladonna and the other Solanaceae family members. ~ Krista Heron, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #002: "It Just Keeps Coming Up: A Case of an Intense Phobia" When phobic patients discuss their fear, they may become immobilized in reliving memories, thus making case taking difficult. Nyland will demonstrate how to get beyond this fear, as well as how to recognize the common and characteristic symptoms of the phobia in order to lead the prescriber to the strange, rare and peculiar symptoms of the simillimum. This is an analysis method based on the words of the patient that lends itself to reflecting the soul of the case. ~ Cari Nyland

Audio Tape #003a: "A Case of Life-long Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" ~ This case is a wonderful example of a single mother's recovery from post-traumatic stress and chronic depression using homeopathy. The case can be repertorized in a straightforward manner. Shannon will show how the words of the patient are confirmed with the original proving. ~ Tim Shannon

Audio Tape #300b: "The Challenge of Small Remedies: A Case of Anxiety and ADHD" ~ Our repertories are incomplete in a way that can lead to choosing a polycrest. Lesser-known, yet potentially deep acting remedies are frequently obscured from consideration as few of their mental or strange, rare and peculiar aspects are listed in the repertory. This unusual case of anxiety and ADHD illustrates one method of analysis to choose the remedy that is most similar, be it well or little known. ~ Malcolm Smith

Audio Tape #004: "How to Identify Lesser Known Remedies" ~ Lesser known remedies can be utilized more often with some knowledge and training. Dr. Olsen will show to master the skills needed to identify such remedies, what to think about while taking a case, how to use the repertory in creative ways, and when to use the materia medica. He will demonstrate this method of finding smaller remedies with some practice cases, involving pathologies ranging from a chronic kidney infection to extreme anger. ~ Steve Olsen, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #005: "No Longer Just a Wallflower" ~ Although Viola odorata was an early introduction in our Materia Medica, introduced by Gross and well proved by Hahnemann, Gross and Stapf in 1829, it has very much remained a wallflower in clinical use. Dr. Taylor will take this remedy out to dance in a medley of cases, and discuss the materia medica of this still shy, but tremendously useful tubercular polycrest. ~ Will Taylor, MD

Audio Tape #006: KEYNOTE: "Healing Ripples" ~ Nowhere is changing lives so poignant as with the treatment of children. A child who is chronically sick affects the whole family, especially the family dynamics. When deep healing takes place, healing affects the physical, mental and emotional pathology of a child, and that healing spreads beyond the life of the child itself. Miranda will present the case of a child whose healing spread to the whole family affecting and changing lots of lives! ~ Miranda Castro, FSHom, RSHom, (NA) CCH

Audio Tape #007: "I Want to be the Centerpoint: A Case of Fibromyalgia" ~ Fibromyalgia is an increasingly common, often chronic condition induced and intensified by physical and psychological stressors. Conventional medicine offers antidepressants, aspirin et al, steroids, and "rest and reassurance." Homeopathy provides a chance to be heard, understood, and healed. This case teaches us in dramatic fashion about letting the patient speak in her own words and about listening with more than our intellect. The inner state is thereby revealed. The healing that results offers hope to those who suffer with Fibromyalgia and to those of us who seek to help them. ~ Stephen J. King, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #008: "A Case of Brain Tumor and Self-Hate"" ~ Jeffrey Baker, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #009: "Patience with Our Patients: A Case that Took Seven Years to Find the Simillimum!" ~ There are some cases, fortunately, where we find the simillimum on the first prescription. Other cases take longer. It can be challenging to find the underlying remedy, particularly with infants. This case of oppositional disorder will inform, inspire, and give you the skills to persist until the patient is cured. ~ Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW

Audio Tape #010: "The Homeopathic Treatment of Eating Disorders" ~ Eating disorders are a manifestation of a disoriented, disordered, divided self. They are characterized by an unhealthy, often obsessive attitude toward body image and food. 10-20% of individuals living with the daily compulsion of starvation, binge eating and purging will eventually die from complications. Homeopathy can offer healing where conventional methods have failed. Learn the shocking facts concerning eating disorders, view a powerful bulimia case with analysis and receive homeopathic insight into many remedy pictures concerning this rampant self-abusive addiction. ~ Allison Maslan, RSHom (NA)