Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

The Complete HANP 1999 Homeopathic Case Conference on Audio Cassette Tapes in a Free Storage Album (8-Tape Set)


HANP 1999 Homeopathic Case Conference ~ 13th Annual

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Theme: "Cured Cases in Mental Pathology"

Audio Tape #001: Reversing Rage - Adolescent Conduct Disorder ~ As evidenced by Littleton, Jonesboro and Springfield, juveniles are the victims and perpetrators of violent crimes. Drawing from her latest Book "Rage-Free Kids", Dr. Reichenberg-Ullman will demonstrate the powerful role of homeopathy in treating adolescent conduct disorder. Her case analysis will offer in-depth tools for discovering the unique symptoms for each patient. She will also introduce her latest method of differentiating between the mental symptoms and the mental state.

Audio Tape #002: All the World's a Stage ~ A Case of High Drama and Extreme Mood Changes ~ Participants will learn how to see the patient and case as a whole. Dr. Olsen will demonstrate his method to verify symptoms, grade the symptoms, find themes, choose rubrics and compare remedies. He will also describe a remedy about which we know very little at the present time.

Audio Tape #003: What do you do, when after taking the first case, the Simillimum is not evident? Dr. Meissne recommends first relaxing and then taking time to study the case. Through this case of manic depression, he will demonstrate a method that frees the homeopath from prejudice and helps overcome the "hasty prescribing" obstacle to cure.

Audio Tape #004: A Case of Paranoid Personality Disorder ~ Dr. Hershoff will give an overview of personality disorder, particularly paranoid PD as they relate to clinical practice. Through this case presentation he will give key rubrics and repertorization strategies to prescribe in cases of non-delusional paranoia. Participants will gain insights into three closely related, but little used plant families which embody scenarios of the aggressor and victim.

Audio Tape #005: A Case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndome and Addiction ~ In this case of PSTD brought on by extended combat in the Vietnam War, Dr. Elmore will discuss his method for finding the simillimum when there is a history of long term, daily heroin and alcohol abuse. The patient was cured with homeopathy after trying anti-depressants, tranquilizers and residential drug treatment programs, which had little effect in relieving his multiple addictions and psychotic episodes.

Audio Tape #006: Dr. Ullman specializes in trreating mental and emotional problems with homeopathy. In this case, he will give insights on treating patients with extreme anxiety. Dr. Ullman will help participants understand how to select non-polycrest remedies by seeing the deeper theme in the patient's story.

Audio Tape #007: Paraphilias - 34-Year Old with Exhibitionism and OCD ~ When confronted with complex, multigenerational mental pathology, the physician will use other treatments to assist homeopathic cure. Dr. Sandberg-Lewis will discuss how he integrates homeopathy, naturopathy and counseling to help a patient with OCD, PSTD, paraphilias and a family history of schizophrenia and suicide.

Audio Tape #008: Sever Postpartum Depression - Two Cases, Two Cures ~ In the comparison of two very different cases of postpartum depression, Dr. Rothenberg will show conference participants how to take the case, differentiate between similar remedies, how to interact with the patient, and then offer insights on managing acute care and long term follow-up.