Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

The Complete HANP 1998 Homeopathic Case Conference on Audio Cassette Tapes in a Free Storage Album (8-Tape Set)


HANP 1998 Homeopathic Case Conference ~ 12th Annual

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Theme: "Cured Cases in Pediatrics"

Physicians: Find out how eight homeopaths achieved cures in young patients with both physical pathology and severe psychiatric conditions. You will receive practical tools and valuable insights for case management and Materia Medica for your practice. This conference was recorded on the campus of Bastyr University.

Audio Tape #'s 1-2 "Fascinating Cases of Challenging Kids" ~ Robert Ullman, ND, DHANP and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW ~ Judyth and Bob have treated over 1500 children with behavioral and learning problems. Here they present a variety of challenging cases that highlight smaller remedies, differential Materia Medica, and practical tips to working with these challenging and bright kids. Their cases include children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) who were treated successfully with homeopathy.

Audio Tape #3 - "Curing Asthma Naturally/A Variety of Asthma Cases" ~ Pamela Herring, ND, DHANP ~ During her ten years of practice Dr. Herring has treated over 175 patients with asthma, many of them children. In her discussion of a wide variety of case histories, she compares and contrasts simple and straightforward cases with difficult cases requiring long term follow-up. Dr. Herring helps practioners feel confident in treating and curing children with asthma.

Audio Tape #4 - "Too Wild/Too Tame" ~ Dr. Asa Hershoff presents two contrasting cases of children: one an extroverted entertaining child, the other a surpressed fearful child. Though they present with different, nearly opposite symptoms, personalities and family dynamics, the simillimum that cured tem comes from the same plant family. He describes the parallels between remedies and remedy families even though the pathology may look very different. He discusses the solancea family of remedies as they apply to child development and growth, and describes the themes and meanings in this biological group.

Audio Tape #5 - "Too Wild/Too Tame" ~ (Continued) Cannabis Indica Kids: the Serious, the Spacy & the Silly ~ Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

Tape #6 - "Too Close To Home" ~ Peter Bennett, ND, DHANP: Fear: noun-- A painful emotion or passion, excited by an expectation of evil, or the apprehension of impending danger. Fright: noun--A sudden and voilent fear; a passion excited by the sudden appearance of danger. The treatment of fear and fright in children is a common clinical presentation. Evaluation of the patient and treatment are fascinating testaments for the power of homeopathic medicine, expecially in the pediatric age group. Three cases present the implications of these powerful emotions in the experience of the patient, parent and occasionally the doctor.

Audio Tape #7 - "Homeopathy in Community Outreach/Treating the Homeless HIV+ and Addicted Youth" ~ Dr. Judy E. Peabody will discuss the difficulties and joys of working with homeless, chemically dependent, HIV+ patients who come in off the streets with multiple psychiatric diagnoses. In a community partnership the National College of Naturopathic Medicine has opened six clinics with the recent support of Boiron. Two of these clinics serve homeless street youth and adults. After seeing over 6,000 patients in these clinics Dr. Peabody will offer insights in working with complex, difficult cases and non-compliant patients who are struggling with acute drug detoxification. Included in her presentation will be her handouts summarizing prescriptions when the only information known about the patient is the drug of choice.

Audio Tape #8 - "Holy Waters" ~ Miranda Castro, FSHom, RSHom, CCH ~ Treating infants can be a challenge. How much more so when the life of a child is threatened. Miranda will explore the special challenges that face the homeopathic practitioner when the life of a newborn is at risk. She will present a case of an infant with a common life-threatening condition and the remedies (homeopathic and otherwise!) that saved the day.