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Bouchercon 1999 ~ "Mischief in the Midwest" ~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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This is a three-day workshop for the serious writer of mystery novels and short stories. Sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America/Midwest in cooperation with Bouchercon '99, it is designed to give practical instruction to the professional writer. Presenters are chosen based on their expertise in each specific topic. These eleven presentations may be reviewed individually. But taken as a complete course, this series will give you a comprehensive program of professional level instruction in maintaining a career as a writer of mysteries.

Tape One: ~ Developing Novel Ideas, Eleanor Taylor Bland

Tape Two: ~ Making Your Characters Breathe, Loren D. Estleman

Tape Three: ~ Plot: The Backbone of Your Story, Barbara D'Amato

Tape Four: ~ The Scene of the Crime: Setting Scenes in Fiction, Hugh Holton

Tape Five: ~ Solving the Mystery of Short Story Fiction, Max Allan Collins & Barbara Collins

Tape Six: ~ Mythical Structure: One Approach to Storytelling, Deborah (D.C.) Brod

Tape Seven: ~ Sharpening Your Points of View, Michael Allen Dymmoch

Tape Eight: ~ What is Style and Where Can I Get Some? Sam Reaves

Tape Nine: ~ The Hard Part Comes Afterwards: A Primer on Promotion, Carole Nelson Douglas & Jeanne M. Dams

Tape Ten: ~ Back Talk, Blarney and Chatty Killers: Writing Effective Dialogue, Michael Raleigh

Tape Eleven: ~ How To Get an Agent and Deal With Editors (Includes tips on writing query and synopsis letters) Ellen Hart & R. D. Zimmerman