The Complete AANP 2002 Convention on Audio Cassette Tapes in Two Free Storage Albums


AANP 2002 Convention ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

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This Convention is held for Naturopathic physicians and students of naturopathic medicine, all healthcare professionals interested in learning about naturopathic medicine and networking with the members of this profession and the top nutritional supplement companies and diagnostic laboratories in North America. The four days of valuable interactive educational opportunities offer up to a full year?s continuing education requirements for many healthcare professionals.

The theme of this year's convention is "Naturopathic Physicians: Championing Healthcare for All." The AANP's vision is to transform healthcare from disease management to health promotion by incorporating the principles of naturopathic medicine into the healthcare system as a whole. Our mission is to serve our members as they advance the profession of naturopathic medicine. Our members include not only naturopathic physicians, but naturopathic medical students, corporate partners, affiliated organizations, and supporting members. Supporting membership consists of other healthcare professionals, patients, and other individuals who wish to join the AANP in the furtherance of its objectives.

The AANP Annual Convention includes the annual scientific assembly as well as the annual meetings of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. The scientific assembly is designed to provide healthcare professionals with provocative and compelling educational experiences in the art, science, philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine. Clinically relevant, inspirational topics presented by impactful speakers is our top priority.