The Complete 2015 British Columbia Naturopathic Physicians' Conference in MP3 on a USB Thumb Drive


Advancing Natural Medicine 12 ~ 2015

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In a switch-up from previous conventions, ANM12 highlights success--in business, in practice--with the remainder of the weekend focused

on clinical research and pearls. Our speakers have direct experience helping professionals achieve their goals--especially naturopathic

doctors--whether it be in the media, online, in clinic or engaging potential patients. Our opening keynote will help you turn "information" into

"transformation." Learn how to pitch to media, share your story and have your voice heard. We?ve scheduled successful doctors who will be sharing

their expertise, consultants with step-by-step tools to manage social media, methods to improve communication and create a more dynamic practice.

Lectures will focus on the individual strengths and weaknesses of being a practitioner, business person and entrepreneur, with the focus of knowing the potential market for your individual brand of patient care, and attracting ideal clients. We?re closing the conference on with this same theme, not just succeeding in practice, but finding professional satisfaction.


One advantage in offering conference recordings on USB drives is that they are compact, about the size of a tube of lipstick. They can hold a large number of lectures, over 100 hours if needed. AND, they are quickly produced. Just plug the drive into a USB port on your computer. As long as it has audio function, such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, you can listen to lectures using your computer?s speakers. Or, transfer the audio files from your computer to your iPod or similar personal listening device. Many newer car radios now have USB ports which you can use to play your recordings from Tree Farm during your commute.