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Primary Care & Beyond: Mental Health/Sleep Disorders/Substance Abuse/Transgender Medicine~July, 2012

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This course is full of new content, research updates and breaking news in primary care areas of women?s health including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, omega-3s and mental health, mind-body medicine and transgender medicine. Our primary care for women course is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with women and wishes to develop their expertise in the use of evidence-based botanical, nutritional and hormonal options, integrating select conventional medical treatments, and enhance their skills in evaluation and management. We are extremely thrilled to have an amazing collection of expert faculty and researchers for this high-caliber seminar. We have two nationally well-known speakers, Wendy Strgar and Tori Hudson, N.D. Wendy is known for her speaking on sexual health as well as relationship enhancement with "positivity". Tori Hudson, N.D. is the program director of the institute, but is also nationally known as a leader in women?s health and evidence-based natural medicine.

We are excited to have several new speakers at our seminars. Shawn A. Tassone, M.D. has studied with internationally known leaders in mind-body medicine and now making his mark in the field as an author of two books with more on the way. Suzanne Scopes, N.D. is a prominent local naturopathic physician especially in the realm of transgender medicine. She is the perfect teacher to help practitioners acquire the knowledge and learn the steps involved in offering great health care to patients in need in this area. Brian Piper, Ph.D. is a prominently published professor and researcher in alcohol dependence and neuropsychopharmacology. We look forward to his sharing his expertise on addiction. Rocky Garrison, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Portland, Oregon and Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He has been in private practice in Portland since 1980. In addition, he is the Behavioral Sleep Management Consultant for Providence Portland Sleep Disorders Clinics and Adjunct Faculty at Oregon Health & Science University. We also welcome back return speakers Moira Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., N.D. and Jennifer Kim, M.D. Dr. Fitzpatrick?s background and training make her uniquely qualifed to teach on the integrative approaches to mood disorders as well as the impact of domestic violence on our patients and how we can sufficiently identify them and provide support and guidance and resources for them. Jennifer Kim, M.D. comes to us from a local sleep disorders clinic and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in sleep disorders in women in particular. She has been an important local referral and is very integrative in her practice management.