The Complete 2012 "Health Care for the Aging and Elderly Woman" Course on Audio CDs in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


Health Care for the Aging and Elderly Woman ~ April, 2012

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This seminar will focus on basic and advanced skills in diagnosis and management of low bone density and osteoporosis, cognitive changes and dementias, urinary incontinence, congestive heart disease, genital lesions/issues in the aging woman, macular degeneration, peripheral vascular disease, the pros and cons of vaccinations in the elderly, chronic constipation, nutritional deficiencies of the elderly, tonics and adaptogens for the aging woman. As always, integrating natural therapeutics and conventional medicine options are presented with a focus on evidence based therapies. We are extremely thrilled to have an amazing collection of expert faculty and researchers for this high caliber seminar. It is a rare opportunity to be educated by this fantastic group of speakers.