The Complete 2012 "An Integrative Approach to Pediatrics" Course on Audio CDs in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


An Integrative Approach to Pediatrics ~ October, 2012

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This course is full of new content, research updates and breaking news in pediatric medicine. Evidence-based, time honored and cutting edge conventional and natural medicine therapeutics will be a primary focus of this seminar. Both the common place and the compelling and challenging issues in pediatrics will be included in this comprehensive seminar including research updates, Type 1 diabetes, the top five pediatric endocrinology issues, natural medicine for pediatric endocrinology, pediatric vulvo-vaginal disease, omega-3s in childhood development and behavior, autism spectrum disorders, urgent care issues, common botanical pediatric protocols, parenting interventions and clinical pearls. Our integrative pediatrics seminar is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with children and wishes to develop and/or enhance their expertise in the use of evidence-based botanical, nutritional and hormonal options, integrating select conventional medical treatments with natural therapeutics, and enhance their skills in evaluation and management. We welcome first- time faculty members Matthew I. Baral, N.D., Tamara J. Cullen, N.D., Karin A. Selva, M.D., Aim‚e Gould Shunney, N.D. and Aarin Meager-Benson, N.D. We are pleased to welcome back Alena G. Guggenheim, N.D. along with regular speaker Tori Hudson, N.D.