The Complete 2011 "Menstrual Disorders and Adolescent Medicine for Girls" Course on Audio CDs in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


Menstrual Disorders and Adolescent Medicine for Girls ~ October, 2011

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We are very excited to have this new course content on menstrual disorders and adolescent medicine for girls. This course is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with adolescent girls and those girls or women with complicated menstrual disorders such as PCOS and secondary amenorrhea, and stay up-to-date in their assessment/diagnostic and management skills while also keeping abreast of the latest research and clinical guidelines in natural therapeutics, hormonal contraception, antibiotics and other conventional interventions. We are pleased to welcome back previous presenters on our faculty; Devon Webster, M.D. and Nina Davis, M.D. Both of these physicians are very collaborative in working with local alternative medicine practitioners and are considered highly by colleagues and patients alike for their expertise and contributions to women?s health care. Dr. Maureen Baldwin is new to our seminar faculty and comes highly recommended for her work with this age group and this issue of contraception and is currently doing her fellowship in family planning. Barbara Oyler, PMHNP is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who has worked in the field of eating disorder treatment for several decades. She leads the clinical team at Providence Eating Disorders Treatment Program. She completed her undergraduate education in nursing at Indiana U. and obtained a master?s degree in nursing from OHSU. She also works as adjunct faculty at Washington State University. has several decades of experience in working with eating disorders and leads the clinical team on this issue at the highly regarded Providence Hospital Eating Disorders Program. Tori Hudson N.D. brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to the topic of the integrative management of PCOS and amenorrhea. Her evidence based knowledge of botanicals and nutraceuticals while also incorporating traditional naturopathic philosophy concepts and selective conventional medications into her treatment strategies provide a truly integrative medicine perspective. We are privileged to have this fantastic group of speakers and are excited about this dynamic seminar curriculum.