The Complete 2010 "Midlife Women & Menopause" Course in MP3 on a Single CD-ROM Disc in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


Menopause, Insomnia, Hair Loss, Cognition, Breast Health and Bio-Identical Hormones ~ April, 2010

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This course is full of new content, research updates and breaking news in the area of menopause, hormone therapy, bio-identical hormones, menopause botanicals, sleep disorders, hair loss, iodine and cognitive changes/dementia in mid-life women and beyond. This course is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with menopausal women and wants to develop their expertise in the use of compounded bio-identical hormones and conventional HRT, stay up to date on the latest botanical research and natural therapies, and the complex yet crucial understanding of hormones and neurotransmitters. Clinical evaluations for complex problems such as hair loss, insomnia and changes in cognitive function are also featured. A highlight of the weekend will be the appearance and lectures by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. Dr. Wright is famous in many capacities...for his scientific presentations in nutritional medicine, his innovative leadership in the history of and current use of bio-identical hormones,

and his creative and clinical insights into the everyday practice of medicine. Jennifer Kim, M.D. is new to our faculty and has a clinical practice with a focus on sleep disorders in women and menopausal women. We are very exctied to have her teach this weekend. Bradley Bush, N.D. is a returnee and welcomed member of our faculty. His expertise in neuroendocrinology, evaluation and management is stellar, and he has a gift for communicating this complex subject in practical and clinically important ways. Kate Beadle, N.P. lectures frequently and is a local innovator and expert in menopause programs at Kaiser Permanente. A great teacher and clinician, we are fortunate to have her retun to speak. Lisa C. Silbert, M.D. is an assistant

professor and neurologist at the Alzheimer?s clinic at OHSU, specializing in dementias. We are privileged to have her speak at this seminar and welcome her first time appearance. Another new member of our faculty is Janet Roberts, M.D. who is a well-known researcher and clinician in the area of hair loss in women. She has a wealth of experience and expertise and we are fortunate to have her. Chris Meletis, N.D. is also new to

our faculty and we are honored to have him. He is a respected leader in integrative medicine. Tori Hudson, N.D. brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to the topic of the integrative management of menopause that is difficult to find elsewhere. Her evidence-based knowledge of botanical therapies and bio-identical hormones are one of the special features of this weekend. It is a rare opportunity to be educated by this esteemed group of speakers.