The Complete 2010 "Autoimmune Disorders in Women" Course in MP3 on a Single CD-ROM Disc in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


Autoimmune Disorders in Women ~ October, 2010

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This course is a new module in our curriculum and we are excited about our educational content and the expert faculty. Our autoimmune disorders in

women is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with women and wishes to develop their expertise in the use of evidence- based botanical, nutritional and hormonal options, and enchance their skills in evaluation and management, including the most recent research and treatments with conventional medicine. We are extremely thrilled to have an amazing collection of expert faculty and researchers for this high-caliber seminar with many first time faculty members. Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., N.D. is one of the most well-known naturopathic physicians in the country, perhaps most recognized for his numerous book publications and commitment to education. Patrick J. Hanaway, M.D. has been a leader in the functional medicine community and is on the cutting edge of clinically applied nutritional biochemistry. Heather Zwickey, PhD has been making her mark as an immunologist and researcher with a focus on natural medicine approaches to immunological diseases. Lynn Shinto, N.D., MPH has emerged as a leading expert in MS in the naturopathic community and is in the unique position of conducting research and clinical practice at a conventional medical school. Vijayshree Yadav, M.D. is a leading authority in MS at OHSU conducting research and clinical work at the Multiple Sclerosis Center in Oregon. Mary Bove, N.D. has held numerous faculty positions but perhaps is best known for expertise in botanical medicine and the traditional as well as evidence-based uses of plants. We welcome back two previous faculty members. Kip L. Kemple, M.D. is a distinguished rheumatologist well-known for his ability to take complex cases and provide clinical insight and treatment solutions, with a great respect for conventional and natural therapies. Chris D. Meletis, N.D. is one of the most prolific authors of evidence-based natural medicines for acute and chronic diseases. It is an exciting opportunity to be educated by this fantastic group of speakers with their extraordinary expertise and commitment to the care of their patients and education of their colleagues.