The Complete 2009 "Primary Care for Women" Course in MP3 on a Single CD-ROM Disc in a Free Vinyl Storage Album


Primary Care for Women ~ July, 2009

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This course is full of new content, research updates and breaking news in primary care areas of women?s health, nutrition and clinical nutrition,

herbal medicine, anxiety, stress adaptation, insomnia, weight management, gluten intolerance/celiac sprue, cardiovascular disease, MRSA,

detoxification and Vitamin D. Our primary care for women course is suited for the practitioner who is working with or wants to work with women and wishes to develop their expertise in the use of evidence based botanical, nutritional and hormonal options, and enhance their skills in evaluation and management. We are extremely thrilled to have an amazing collection of expert faculty and researchers for this high caliber seminar. Back by popular demand, the enthusiastic Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., RH (AHG) shares her insightful perspective and daunting expertise in women and heart disease. Dr. Michael T. Murray, a leader in the nutritional/botanical natural products industry, returns for two informative lectures, geared to bring you the very latest research and treatments. A local gastroenterologist from the Oregon Clinic will enhance our clinical awareness and diagnostic workup of celiac sprue as well as distinguishing the spectrum of symptomatic individuals. Gaetano Morello, N.D. is joining our faculty for the first time, but for those of us who have heard him lecture elsewhere, we are looking forward to his articulate and illustrative lectures on detoxification. We welcome James E. Leggett, M.D., infectious disease specialist and his clinical teaching and expertise. Mary K. McCarthy, M.D., will share her expertise and clinical experience in working with women and the influence of Vitamin D in women?s health. Michael E. Greer, M.D. evolved his gynecological practice where he has developed creative and practical insights and strategies in helping women with weight loss. Dr. Hudson brings her depth and breadth of knowledge to update us in key issues in women?s health from 2008/2009 and select natural therapies for treatment of some difficult primary health care issues. We welcome our new speakers and welcome back our returnees. It is a rare opportunity to be educated by this esteemed group of speakers.