Lianne South, ND, DC, DHANP, CHC, RS Hom (NA)

The Complete 2003 Homeopathic Case Conference on Audio Cassette Tapes in a Free Storage Album (15-Tape Set)


HANP 2003 Homeopathic Case Conference ~ 16th Annual

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Theme: "Different Strategies for Solving Cases"

Audio Tape #'s 001/002: "With a Little Help From Its Friends: The Use of Botanical Family Relationships Within Hahnemannian Homeopathy" ~ Attention to remedy families has become a vogue topic in homeopathy, with much interest being generated by teachers offering specific "new" approaches to working with families. In this workshop we will look at ways, both old and new, of using botanical family relationships within classical Hahnemannian methodology. Case examples will be drawn from several botanical families, with a focus on analysis methodology and specific approaches to identifying the simillimum with a little help from its friends. ~ ~ Will Taylor, MD

Audio Tape #'s 003/004: "All Parts of One Story" ~ A painting of a whale which almost causes the patient to faint--how can that hold the key to the case? When did the patient's fear of heights begin--a fear so extreme that stepping down from a curb is overwhelming? And how does all this tie in to an irrational phobia of latex balloons? This case provides a wonderul example of how to recognize key theme threads and assemble them into a cohesive picture from which a remedy can be chosen. The beauty of this technique is that it allows one to prescribe a previously unstudied remedy just as easily as an old favorite! ~ ~ Malcolm Smith, ND

Audio Tape #'s 005/006: "Lyssin: A Rabid Remedy for Rage" ~ Two cases of Lyssin, both which rage and aggression, one with food sensitivities as well. Presentation includes differential materia medica and miasmatic classification of remedies for rage, aggression and sensitivity to teasing, including Lyssin, Belladonna, Stramomium, Hyoscyamus and China. ~

~ Robert Ullman, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #'s 007-008: "Homeopathy" Symptoms or Systems" ~ ~ Lianne South, DC, ND, DHANP, RS Hom (NA)

Audio Tape #009: "A Virtual Tour of a Manufacturing Pharmacy" ~ ~ Michael Quinn

Audio Tape #010: "Gui Zhi Tang and Yin Qiao San: Chinese Medicine Meets Homeopathy" ~ ~ Elizabeth Cox, ND

Audio Tape #'s 011-012: "A Case of Depression and Anxiety" ~ Two cases, one where straightforward methodology leads to a smaller remedy. The other where new insights on a smaller remedy are confirmed. ~ ~ Neil Tessler, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #013: "How to Create a Website That Will Transform Your Practice" ~ Market trends indicate that every practice should have a website. However, many practices either don't have a website, or have a website that fails to produce any business. There is a problem because practitioners; (1) don't understand how to create a successful website: (2) feel intimidated by the technical aspects; and (3) are anxious about the cost of designing and managing a site. This seminar cuts through all the confusion to give you a clear roadmap to a website that could transform your practice. ~

William Slater, MBA

Audio Tape #'s 014/015: "A Family Affair: Using Families of Remedies to Solve Cases" ~ The fabulous duo of Tim Shannon, ND and Cari Nyland, ND are back with their lively, team-teaching style. They will each present their own case to demonstrate the beautiful art of using a known family of remedies to arrive at a differential, while focusing on the unusual and bizarre symptoms to clinch the prescription. Cari takes us on a journey that begins with a patient suffocated by a major depressive episode, her fragility intensified by a childhood of growing up with a mentally ill patient. Tim ushers us into the realm of the dark side, showing a case of a patient whose clairvoyant sensitivities bordered on paranoia which resulted in a profound sense of alienation from this world. This double feature will be fully interactive. Please come prepared to participate and take home important information. ~ ~ Cari Nyland, ND & Tim Shannon, ND