Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

The Complete 2002 Homeopathic Case Conference on Audio Cassette Tapes in a Free Storage Album (10-Tape Set)


HANP 2002 Homeopathic Case Conference ~ 15th Annual

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Theme: "Cured Cases in Women's Health"

Audio Tape #001: "200 Kegels a Day Did Not Take this Incontinence Away" ~ Chronic case of bladder dysfunction with concomitant incontinence, fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Shevins will present use of a high-potency remedy in a patient who refuses to give up her Thuja.

~ Jody Shevins, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #002: "Removing Layers to Cure Perimenopausal Symptoms and an Underlying Irritable Bowel Disorder" ~ A woman in her late 40's initially came for perimenopausal problems of hot flashes and dizziness. This top layer was treated with one remedy and then her more chronic problem of irritable bowel with painful rectal spasming came to the fore. This was treated with a second remedy that has helped her considerably over a few years. ~ Howard Fine, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #003: "Obstacles to Cure: Sexual Abuse the Underlying Issue" ~ Initial presentation of constipation, restless leg and sleep problems progress into disclosure of sexual abuse, dyspareunia and many intimacy conflict. As patient trust increased the complexity of this case emerged and a deeper acting correct remedy was prescribed to resolve significant changes in this clients' state of health. ~ Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #004a: "A Case of Low Self-Esteem" ~ Millie Lyte, CCNM Class of 2002

"A Missionary's Hobby: The Cobra Bite Case" ~ Ian Luepker, NCNM Class of 2002

Audio Tape #004b: "Bipolar II Hypomanic Episodes in Female Patient Responds to Homeopathic Remedy"

~ Kate Rheaume, CCNM Class of 2002

Audio Tape #005: "Here it Comes Again: Two Cases of Premenstrual Migraine" ~ Many women have complaints related to their menstrual cycle. Dr. Rothenberg will address the topic in general, using headaches as a specific example. She will present cases with several years follow-up of patients with intractable premenstrual migraines. ~ Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #006: "Homeopathic Education in the US and Canada: Will Homeopathy Survive the 21st Century?" (Panel Discussion)

Panel Members:

~ Richard Mann, MD

~ Howard Fine, ND, DHANP

~ Robin Dipasquale, ND

~ Durr Elmore, DC, ND, DHANP

~ Nadia Bakir, ND, DHANP, BSC

~ Stephen Messer, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #007: "Blood Dyscrasia and Depression Respond to Remedy" ~ Dr. Fassler will share two cases. One is a case of chronic manic depression and Thallasemia. In this case there is adjunctive naturopathic care that is essential to the resolution of the patient's severe anemia. The second case is useful in learning about a newly understood remedy. -Kristy Fassler, ND, DHANP

Audio Tape #008: "Attachment Issues in an Adult: A Woman with Severe Depression" ~ Perceiving our patients deeply is challenging, exciting and rewardingl! Thanks to the wealth of wisdom currently available, this case is much clearer to me now than when I originally found the remedy. I am certain that it will deepen your understanding of this remedy, as it did mine. And we will have fun in the process, which, by the way, is a clue to the remedy. -Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW

Audio Tape #009: "A Plant for Persephone" ~ A cured case of severe hyperestrogenism with multiple ovarian cysts, recurrent urinary tract infections and vaginitis is offered for presentation. This woman suffered severe mood swings agitated depression and total exhaustion with her cycles, often spending two or more days in bed, as well as menorrhagia and other symptoms. This cured case and others will be presented for comparison.

-Deborah Frances, RN, ND

Audio Tape #010: "A Case of Chronic Severe Abdominal Pain in a Teenage Girl" ~ This energetic and vivacious young lady had suffered attacks of intense abdominal pain for eighteen months, with numerous visits to the emergency room. Onset began with shingles, which resolved and these attacks of severe pain came and persisted. Allopathic medicines brought no relief. What can homeopathy do in such a case? We can find an emotional etiology in most cases, along with some characteristic symptoms, which lead us to the simillimum. One day of one remedy cured this young lady. -Durr Elmore, DC, DHANP, CCH