The Complete 10th Annual International Conference in a Free Storage Album


10th International Conference on Oxidative Medicine ~ 1999

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Subjects covered in this conference for health care professionals:

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy ~ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ~ Ozone Therapy ~ Ultraviolet Irradiation Therapy ~ Chelation Therapy

The International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA) was established to be a professional and paraprofessional membership organization to participate in and support basic medical and clinical research in the field of biological oxidative medicine.

The Association, with the authorization and approval of The American Board of Oxidative Medicine, conducts two annual training workshops in the field of oxidative medicine. In conjunction with The International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation, IOMA cosponsors an annual international conference on oxidative medicine for the exchange of the newest discoveries and clinical findings.

There are three membership categories in IOMA: Professional, Scientific, and Paraprofessional. Professional members are listed in the referral list that is available for public distribution, and are listed with the appropriate Diplomate status as granted by ABOM. All members receive copies of the quarterly newsletter, and all printed materials published by IOMA for member distribution. All members are invited to attend and participate in IOMA sponsored conferences, meetings, workshops, and seminars.