Donald R. Yance, Jr., CN, MH, RH (AHG)

The Clinical Application of Herbs and Healing Cancer ~ Part #1


Breitenbush Hot Springs 1999 Herbal Conference

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(Advanced Class) Part #1: Cancer is the end result of a multistage process which involve a series of genetic changes resulting in an altered cell and ultimately, the clinical appearance of cancer. Just as there are many initiating and promoting factors to cancer, there are just as many protective factors that inhibit and/or reverse these stages. I will present an herbal classification and different strategies based on how herbs work in relation to cancer. THERE IS NO ONE HERBAL CURE-ALL FOR CANCER. Cancer has many causes; treatment(s) must reflect this. Throughout this lecture I will discuss specific herbs in great detail, including Gota Cola, Istatis, Red root, Tumeric, Bupleurum, Red clover, Pasque flower, Nettles andmany others.