Robert M. Lindsay, MD, ChB, MB, FRPCE, FACP

Special Session on Quotidian Hemeral and Nocturnal Hemodialysis, Part I (2-Cassette Session)


26th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis ~ 2006

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How to Set-Up a Successful Home HD Program - Robert S. Lockridge, Jr., MD

Why Cardiovascular Mortality Risk is Lower on Quotidian HD - Christopher Chan, MD

Nocturnal HD Corrects the Unphysiology of Intermittent HD - Robert M. Lindsay, MD

Solute Kinetics 101,or Understanding Kinetic Modeling for the Non-Mathematician - George O. Ting, MD

How We Can Stop Worrying About Hyperphosphatemia, Phosphate Binders and Dietary Phosphate Restrictions - Carl Kjellstrand, MD, PhD