Robert Miller

Soil Environment and Vine Mineral Nutrition Symposium ~ (6-Audio Tape Set)


American Society for Enology & Viticulture 55th Annual Meeting ~ 2004

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Audio Tape #1 ~ Welcome and Topic Introduction, David R. Smart, University of California, Davis, California ~ Soil Acidity and Impact on Fertility ~ Effects of Soil Characteristics on Soil Mineral Nutrient Availability, Movement and Uptake ~ Malcolm Sumner, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia ~

Audio Tape #2 ~ Adverse Effects of Salinity and Sodicity on Soil Chemistry and Vine Nutrition, Rob Stevens, South Australian Research and Development Institute, Australia ~ The Microbial Ecology of Vineyard Soils, Kate Scow, University of California, Davis, California ~

Audio Tape #3 ~ Mycorrhizae and Mineral Acquisition in Grapevines, Paul Schreiner, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon ~ Soil Analysis: What You Need to Know About Labs, Procedures and Results, Robert Miller, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado ~

Audio Tape #4 ~ Critical Plant Tissue Values and Application of Nutritional Standards for Practical Use in Vineyards, Ben Robinson, Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Service, Australia ~ Partitioning of Mineral Nutrients and Timing of Fertilizer Applications for Optimum Efficiency, Kobus Conradie, ARC Infruitec, South Africa ~

Audio Tape #5 ~ Foliar Fertilization in Vine Mineral Nutrient Management Programs, L. Peter Christensen, University of California Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier, California ~ Rootstock Influences on Vine Nutrition, James A. Wolpert, University of California, Davis, California ~

Audio Tape #6 ~ Deficit Irrigation and Vine Nutrition: A Happy Marriage? Marcus Keller, Washington State University, Prosser, Washington ~ Question and Answer Session ~