(SINGLE AUDIO CD DISC) Sexual Revitalization: Bringing Vitality, Virility and Aliveness Back


10th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference ~ 2012

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From puberty to death, we are sexual beings, and the impact of this vital force is seen in the bedroom and beyond. Our sexuality is both an amazingly substantial and a powerfully subtle dimension of our being. And it can remain a lasting element that enriches the quality of our aging into latter years...or it can be all but forgotten and referred to as an arena relegated to the ?Young?. Because the baby boomer population is aging (adults sixty-five and older in the United States, will reach seventy-two million by 2030) the demand for better answers to common questions regarding libido and orgasm are ever begging sound holistic and integrative solutions. Gain insight about the hormonal and endocrine changes which impact sexuality. Understand the inter-relationship of these changes and the body?s systems. Learn treatment approaches which provide lasting solutions to age-old problems in the bedroom and beyond.


1. Understand the extent of the sexual issues as they exist in the US population

2. Gain insight into the origins of the common sexual complaints

3. Learn to assess and accurately treat functional conditions associated with sexual dysfunction

4. Obtain successful treatment protocols which utilize natural hormone therapies

5. Plant-based medicines and pharmaceutical interventions