(SINGLE AUDIO CD DISC) Dovetailing Triiodothyronine with Nutraceuticals and Botanical Supplementation


10th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference ~ 2012

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DESCRIPTION: Liothyronine can have very powerful effects on the body. It is a very helpful therapeutic agent that can affect essentially every organ system. The body can often benefit from nutritional and botanical support both before, during, and after administration of a course of liothyronine therapy. In this lecture Dr. Friedman will explain the benefit of various nutritional and botanical ingredients that can greatly enhance how well patients tolerate liothyronine.


1. Participants will learn how botanicals can help some patients become candidates for T3 that otherwise would not be

2. Participants will learn how botanicals can promote the maintenance of normal sinus rhythm, as well as normal heart rate

3. Learn how botanicals and nutraceuticals can support heart muscle and nourish the cardivascular system

4. Learn which botanicals can help patients maintain normal blood pressures

5. Learn about the amphoteric effects on cardiac function of various botanicals