Caroline W. Casey

Seeding the Culture of Reverent Ingenuity


HerbFest 2001

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The late great Native American activist, Ruben Snake, used to quip, "Here's a little bit of Native American wisdom for you, if we don't change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed." As we gather this night, at the dark of the Moon, (right before the New Moon) we remember that this is the traditional strategical time when elders would gather to determine the course of culture. We, radical traditionalists, and disciplined wild people, meet for that purpose. We will hear the story of now (where we're headed) as well as set in motion some powerful cultural memes, adaptive seeds, to change the direction. These memes will sail out everywhere, seeding the new ancient culture based on the model of collaborating with nature rather than dominating the world. The situation is so dire, so terrible and hearteningly possible that we cannot afford to lose our sense of humor. Biomimicry, the emerging movement of human design based on nature (not news to indigenus peoples), reminds us that all natural facts are social strategy metaphors and that politics is far too important to be left to politicians. In cahoots with the natural world, we are irresistible!