Sharol Tilgner, ND, RH (AHG)

"Save The Goldenseal!"


HerbFest 1996

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Goldenseal, also known as yellow puccoon or yellow root, grows in coloies in rich, open, hilly woods. It's very sensitive to habitat destruction; partial clearing of trees around it can destroy the population.

Concerns over lostt of habitat and overharvesting have been expressed for many years. In an 1884 publication of the Lloyd brothers, George Merrell wrote, "I think the root is becoming scarce, being gathered now, I am told, in small quantities, in isolated places here and there, where in former years it was fouond large patches." Over the years, fluctuations in price have served to modify overharvesting. Today, responsible people are asking if price alone can compensate for continued loss of habitat and increasing demand.