Deborah Ann Golino

Sauvignon blanc: Regional Style vs Market Demand (2-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2001

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Joint Marketing and Enology Session: Marketing Program: The marketing portion of this session provides a focus on the evolution of the different styles of Sauvignon blanc that today?s consumers favor, including the style made popular in New Zealand. The panel will address the ?cult? Sauvignon blancs, including one from New Zealand and one or two from California. Additionally, this session will review the growth of the Sauvignon blanc market and review the range of price points for the wines. A tasting will allow participants to taste and contrast different styles.

Speakers: Randy Mason, Mason Vineyards, Michaela Rodeno, St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

Enology Program: A leading New Zealand winemaker will discuss his style and address the philosophy driving that style, as well as the viticultural

techniques that influence the wine. He will give an update on the stylistic evolution or trends in the New Zealand winemaking community. His

comments will be contrasted with those of a California winemaker producing his style of the same variety, and how sites, picking dates, viticultural practices and winemaking practices influence the expression of Sauvignon blanc character. The session will close with an overview of currently available Sauvignon blanc clones.

Moderator: Christina Benz, Murphy-Goode Estate Winery

Speakers: Alan Hoey, The Yalumba Wine Company, Steve Fennell, Voss Vineyards, Dr. Deborah Ann Golino, Foundation Plant Materials Service,

University of California, Davis