Jennifer Workman, MS, RD

Satisfy Your Cravings Using Herbs and Spices


HerbFest 2001

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Learn how to combine the six basic tastes (and food qualities) from an Ayurvedic perspective in order to satisfy your cravings, maximize digestion and energy levels and still burn body fat. The Ayurvedic principals dictate that food should be life-giving, immune system-enhancing, nurturing and nourishing. Tumeric, ginger, fennel, cardamon, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, wasabi, garam masala and curry are just a few ways to add flavor, sensuality and satisfaction to your meals. Learn some very simple ideas on how to add these culinary species to your day-to-day nutrition program that you will stay with because you want to. Learn to let food help you manage stress, not create more.