Stephen H. Buhner

Sacred Plant Fermentation


Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium ~ 1998

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Beginner Level Class (1.5 hr): Beer was long considered to be a sacred beverage among all indigenous and ancient cultures. It has an exciting and sacred aspect which is little understood today- having fallen into the same kind of denigration that herbalism is only now overcoming. But beer and herbal medicine are intimately interrelated since beer was also considered to be a primary medium for dispensing herbal medicines until about 150 years ago. In fact, ancient cultures used over 100 kinds of beers, each named for the different herbs present. The movement to hops as the only herbal additive began the elimination of this rich world of herbal medicine, a world only now being rediscovered. Through his unique storytelling and extensive research on the world?s herbal beer traditions, Stephen is participating in bringing back this exciting and sacred approach to herbal healing.