Andre Saine, ND, DHANP

Resolving Difficult Cases (12-Tape Set)


Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians' Spring 2000 Seminar

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In his own words, " The future of homeopathy is extremely bright for those who will understand its basic principles and be able to further its growth. Homeopathy is not a belief system but a matter of knowledge. One either knows or does not know about the law of similars, or how to trigger healing reactions with the aid of medicines. All systems of traditional medicine make use of medicinal substances usually for their effect on the sick. Homeopathy is a quantum leap forward in that it follows a law of nature in prescribing medicines for their reaction and not for their effect on the sick. We should not forget that healing is not done by the doctor, or the treatment but by the living organism. Homeopathy is a science and anyone that carefully applies the method of Hahnemann in the treatment of the sick will discover the incredible phenomenon of the law of similars. Its application is an art that can be learned only through meticulous experience."

What you will Learn: Every doctor comes across challenging patients in their practice. After applying all of your skills, you may still find that the patient has not improved even though the remedy looked correct. In homeopathy, this can be even more frustrating since you know that with the right remedy the patient would improve. You may agonize over these unsolved cases. This conference will give you keys to understanding and resolving these challenges. Not every case is curable, however the great majority of patients suffering with chronic diseases are curable in Nature, and therefore

curable with homeopathy. The greater the physician's knowledge of the science of homeopathy and the greater his or her skill in the art of homeopathy, the more success is possible in resolving these difficult cases.

Participants attending this seminar will learn why cases are unsolved and how to resolve them. Dr. Saine is well suited to teach this subject since the majority of his practice has been focused on treating difficult cases. He brings a wealth of from 20+ years of clinical experience and knowledge of the Masters, that brings his students a powerful blend of theory and practice. Dr. Saine will illustrate his points with case studies from his practice and a live uncured case.