Donald R. Yance, Jr., CN, MH, RH (AHG)

Protocol for Longevity: Herbal and Nutritional Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of Age-related Disease(s)


American Herbalists Guild 2004 Symposium ~ Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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While there is no established definition of "biological age", the term is frequently used to describe the functional status of the human body as opposed to chronological age. While many disease processes are clinically seen within a single ?cause-and-effect? model, another view is that the disease process is actually the loss of the systems ability to respond to the multi-factorial environmental conditions in a way that keeps the system within range of normalcy. As we age, the efficiency by which we maintain this very slowly declines, leading to systemic conditions within that cause disease and shorten lifespan. During this lecture you will learn how to evaluate and target primary markers for biological age assessment. We will discuss botanical and nutritional interventions for the promotion of optimal hormone balance for a healthy, long life and the prevention of age-related conditions and diseases.