Jane R. Hirschmann, MSW

Preventing Childhood Eating Problems



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This insightful book offers a common-sense, relaxed approach to healthy eating based on the method of self-demand feeding. Contrary to the belief that children must be forced to eat what's good for them, to clean their plates and to avoid all sweets, PREVENTING CHILDHOOD EATING PROBLEMS presents evidence that children will naturally self-regulate their eating if rigid rules are not imposed upon them. By trusting natural hunger cycles and letting children choose when, what and how much they eat, food becomes demystified and a lifetime of fears, flights and anxieties around food, weight and diet are eliminated.

In this comprehensive parent-child guide to eating behaviors (from infancy through adolescence) the authors show parents how to put an end to the eating battles which confront them on a daily basis. This book will help parent and child put food back into its rightful place.