Daniel Roberts

Pinot Noir: From the Vineyard to the Bottle (3-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2001

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Joint Viticulture & Enology Session: This session will open with a keynote introduction from Burgundy. A joint viticulture and enology session pairing winegrape growers and winemakers from several of the most celebrated Pinot Noir producing regions, including Oregon, Carneros, Russian River and the Central Coast. The seminar will address specific viticultural and enological issues and how the teams have worked cooperatively to enhance their Pinot Noir style and quality.

Moderator: Glenn McGourty, UC Cooperative Extension

Speakers: Carneros Michael Terrien, Acacia, Mary Hall, Acacia, Russian River Daniel Roberts, Artisans and Estates, Mike Sullivan, Artisans and Estates, Central Coast, Ken Volk, Wildhorse, Jim Efird, Pacific Vineyard Company, Oregon, Al MacDonald, Seven Springs Vineyard, Mark Vlossak, Saint Innocent Winery, Burgundy, Jean-Nicolas M‚o, Domaine M‚o Camuzet.