Andrew L. Waterhouse

Oak in Winemaking Symposium (8-Tape Session)


International Symposium on Oak in Winemaking ~ 1999

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The Oak in Winemaking symposium will provide winemakers and enologists with the latest research information and the wisdom of experience in the use of oak in winemaking. In wine production, oak barrels are the second largest expense after grape purchases, so it is important that those purchasing barrels are well informed on the subject. The ASEV has organized a well-rounded presentation of the best information available.

Tape #1 ~ Welcome & Introduction ~ Andrew Waterhouse, University of California, Davis

Oak Tannins and the Tonnellerie 2000 Project in France ~ Jean-Luis Puech, INRA, Montpellier, France

Tape #2 ~ Objective Evaluation of the Intensity and the Homogeneity of Barrel Toasting - Application for Quality Insurance ~ Pascal Chatonnet, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

The Influence of Oak Seasoning and Toasting on the Quality of Wine. ~ Jim Swan, Tatlock & Thomson, Glasgow, Scotland

Tape #3 ~ Species and Microclimate Induced Variation in Oak Components and Their Effect on Wine ~ Johnathan R. Mosedale, INRA, Montpellier

Comparisons of Ellagitannins from Seasoned and Toasted Oak and Chestnut ~ Andrew L. Waterhouse, University of California, Davis

Toasting and Oak Flavor Compounds ~ Jeff McCord, E&J Gallo Winery, Modesto

California Enological Research Association (CERA) Session on Barrel Alternatives

Tape #4-5 ~ Sensory Methods for Evaluating the Effect of Oak in Winemaking, Barbara Lindblom ~ Annette Hoff, Chair

Tasting Methods New Trials-Results Panel Discussion

Tape #6 ~ Winemaker Speaker ~ Cal Dennison, Heublein Wines

Tape #7 ~ Winemaker Speaker ~ Tom Stutz, Mirassou Vineyards

Tape #8 ~ Panel Discussion of Barrel Alternatives