NOT YET AVAILABLE ~ World War II ~ Volume One: Hitler's Germany 1933-1945



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This is Volume One of a series of Nine Volumes on the complete history of World War II. This first series is an overview of Germany under the rise and rule of Adalph Hitler. It helps give a perspective to the volumes which follow covering the individual years of 1940 through 1945.

Volume One:

CD #1: The Political Chaos of Germany After the First World War: 1918 to 1933

CD #2: The Early Biography of Adolph Hitler ~ The Vimar Republic 1933 to 1936

CD #3: Hitler's Assent to Power, Economic Recovery and the Re-Arming of Germany

CD #4: The Events of 1937 and 1938

CD #5: The Annexation of Austria and Acquisition of Czechoslovakia

CD #6: The Conquest of Poland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands & France in 1939

CD #8: The Military Aspect of WWII and German Resistance Against Hitler

CD #9: The Last Days of the War, the Nuremberg Trials and the Aftermasth of the War