Mary Wilhite

Marketing Herbs


Herb Business Winter Getaway Conference ~ 1st Annual ~ 1996

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The key to successfully marketing herbs in the next decade will be customer education and entertainment. As an herb marketer you must know everything you can about your product (or service), and you must effectively relay this wealth of information to your customers. There are many ways of getting this infomation out with the written word and the spoken word. Finding and developing new customers, both retail and wholesale, is a relatively simple process, but keeping your customers is a challenge. In today's world, where there is so much competition for consumers' money. It is very important to offer your customers a "shopping experience". Entertain them, appeal to as many of their senses as you can. Create interesting displays. Have special events. Make your customers feel pampered and special This will make them want to visit your store or purchase your products instead of others.