Candis Cantin

INTENSIVE: Western Herbalist's Use of Ayurveda in the Clinic (2-Tape Session)


American Herbalists Guild 2000 Symposium ~ Watsonville, California

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Ayurveda is the ancient healing tradition of India. Literally translated it means "wisdom of life" and was a part of the ancient Vedic culture and text. Ayurveda is throught to have been in practice for many centuries and includes herbal medicine, dietetics, body work, meditation, yoga, surgery, psychology and spirituality. Currently, Ayurveda is going through a new stage of development as it re-adapts to the modern world and its uniquie conditions. This adaptation may take some work to accomplish due to the fast pace of the world and the various changing situations we confront. We cannot take the ancient text and try to apply it verbatim because our current existence as human beings in unprecedented. However, certain parts of the philosohy are perennial and timeless.