Chanchal F. Cabrera, MSc, MNIMH, RH (AHG)

INTENSIVE: Clinical Formulating and Dosing (3-Tape Session)


American Herbalists Guild 2000 Symposium ~ Watsonville, California

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Building a formula, determining the correct herbs and the correct proportions, as well as the dosing strategy is the pinnacle of the art of herbalism. It is the place and time when much of the hard core science we struggle to learn becomes useless, and we are forced to rely on experience, intuition and tradition. It can be all too easy to get stuck using the same limited repertoire of herbal agents because these are what you are familiar and comfortable with. Alternatively, there is always a risk that we use new and novel herbs or herbal combinations, not tested out over time and learned by empirical observation in an attempt to be different or to keep up with trends. There are many different factors ro be considered when choosing what herb to include in a fomula, and there is another set of considerations when choosing the optimal dosage for the individual.