Mindy Green, RH (AHG)

INTENSIVE: Aromatic Medicines in the Clinical Setting (3-Cassette Session)


American Herbalists Guild 2005 Symposium ~ Portland, Oregon

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Aromatic plants have been used throughout history for healing, pharmacy, cosmetic care, spiritual practices and ritual ceremonies. Modern science

reveals that the chemical constituents found in essential oils have tremendous therapeutic value. The biological activity of these components provide

for numerous application, as both medical adjuncts in complementary care and in palliative care. Essential oils are being used in medical facilities

around the world; will the US be left behind in employing these fragrant therapies? Learn about the various applications and implications of these

functional fragrances in wide ranging therapies from primary medicines to spa treatments, and see how the rest of the world is employing them in

holistic health care. Learn about how different essential oil chemotypes are employed and how to discern quality.