Jill E. Stansbury, ND

INTENSIVE: Acute Care with Herbal Medicine (3-Cassette Session)


American Herbalists Guild 2005 Symposium ~ Portland, Oregon

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Dr. Stansbury will discuss acute care of some of the most common complaints presenting to typical family practice. Appropriate management of these urgent situations with botanicals will be emphasized, and protocols for referral and pharmaceutical urgent care will also be discussed. Acute conditions such bladder infections, severe sore throats including strep and peritonsillar abscess, insect bites, cellulitis, conjunctivitis, hemorrhage, threatened miscarriage, acute muscle spasms, migraines and severe headaches, inner ear infections, trigeminal neuralgia, severe sprains and traumatic injuries, high fevers, panic attacks and anxiety disorders, intestinal infections with acute nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, acute gallbladder attacks, and diverticulitis, and other conditions as time allows will be presented.