Robert Abell, ND, LAc

Hypercholesterolemia: Does the Science Support the Treatment?


AANP 2004 Convention ~ Seattle, Washington

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High cholesterol is currently one of the most concerning issue in medicine today. Millions of patients are being placed on lipid-lowering medications due to the current belief that cholesterol levels are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Modern physicians quote the research and state a direct relationship between high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. But does the research really back what is currently the dogma concerning cholesterol, or are the physicians misinterpreting what the data actually says?

Dr. Abell will present research and information on lipid science. Research does not always indicate clinical relevance. Is the current research unbiased, factual and being presented with full clarity? Dr. Abell will also discuss lipid physiology so that, as physicians, they can better understand the true role of cholesterol and lipid activity.