Herb Joiner-Bey, ND

Homeopathy: Cinderella of Naturopathy (4-Cassette Session)


AANP 2004 Convention ~ Seattle, Washington

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A concentrated, informative refresher seminar on acute homeopathic prescribing. Topics to be covered include a brief overview of philosophy, the effective use of a repertory to find remedy candidates, remedy selection, pitfalls to avoid, and distinctions among remedies commonly prescribed in a variety of acute clinical situations. Case study examples and exercises will be provided to help hone your case-taking, analysis, and remedy selection skills. You do not have to be a constitutional homeopath to give the benefits of this powerful modality to patients suffering during acute crises. It is time to stop treating homeopathy like an un-appreciated stepchild and re-integrate this enormously useful tool back into the mainstream of general naturopathic practice.