Ron McManis

Grapes to Glass: An Integrated View of the Wine Food Chain (2-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2002

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A great deal of the fragmentation of the wine industry stems from a lack of understanding of the issues facing the wine community?s separate business systems. Concentrated dedication to the concerns surrounding a specific field, cloud our view and prevent us from seeing the big picture issues that

often stymie the healthy growth of the wine industry. For example, how well does the grower understand issues facing the needs of the winery production or marketing departments, wine distributors, retailers, and vice-versa? Do winery sales and marketing departments fully comprehend the issues of restaurant wine pricing and the positioning of wine in the profit mix with spirits, beer and other potentially more profitable beverages? Understanding the needs and challenges of every segment of the industry can lead to a cooperative effort in key industry goals of improving wine quality, making wine an integral part of the American culture and expanding the wine consumer base. What?s more, a better understanding of how your business fits in the bigger industry picture can help you maximize value and market your own products and services more strategically and effectively.