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Essentials of Homeopathy on CD-ROM for IBM-PC


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What?s in "Essentials of Homeopathy" ...

ESSENTIALS: Etiology, Pathology, Diagnosis, Abbreviations ~ The General Physical Examination ~ Food and Diet ~ Vitamins, Fasting, Urine, Blood Pressure ~ Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology ~ Body Manipulation ~ Additional Therapy Techniques ~ Disease and Suggested Treatment

QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Word on Potency and Dose ~ Difference Between Serums and Nosodes ~ Potency of Homeopathics ~ Tablets or Tincture, Which is Best? ~ The Number of Doses ~ Safeguards and Some Things to Avoid ~ What is the Trouble? What is the Remedy? ~ 135 Every Day Remedies and Their Chief Characteristics ~ Your Medicine Chest ~ Homeopathic Questions Often Asked of Dr. Kuhns.

HOMEOPATHIC BIO-CHEMISTRY SALTS: The Simple Logic of Dr. Kuhns? Bio-Chemic Theory History ~ Bio-Chemistry Forward ~ A Brief Outline of Dr. Schuessler?s Tissue Salt Therapy ~ Selecting the Remedy ~ Changing the Remedy ~ Cleansing the System ~ Correcting Past Errors ~ Potencies ~ The Dose ~ The Time ~ Alternate Remedies ~ External Applications ~ Stings, Insect Bites and Skin Irritations ~ More Effective in Hot Water ~ Therapeutical Indication of the Twelve Bio-Chemical Salts ~ 27 Every Day Ailments (Symptoms and Slats Treatments ) ~ Additional Questions About Use of Tissue Salts

QUICK REFERENCE REPERTORY: Over 470 Health Issues, Their Symptoms and Their Remedies

DR. KUHNS AUDIO LECTURES: Homeopathy and Your Health ~ A Homeopathic Bio-Chemistry Cell Salts Quick List

ADDITIONAL: Beautiful herb photos, fascinating anatomy photos and video, full-text search, help system, bookmarks that allow easy return to topics most often used and annotations for your special needs.