Kate Clearlight

The Mysterious Journey of Starting an Herbal Body Care Business


13th International Herb Symposium ~ 2017

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Although the words "herbalist" and "business" might not seem to really click, with the growing interest in herbal medicine and alternative healing the desire for high quality, micro-scale, unique herbal products is through the roof right now. It?s a powerful time to launch an herbal products business, if that?s what you feel called to do. In this class I will be sharing my own personal experience with my small products business, Plantfolk Apothecary. We?ll explore topics such as where to begin, brand identity, being unique and authentic in a sea of very similar products, how to not "sell your soul" or burn out, the importance of effective marketing, and many of the other interesting issues and wonders I?ve encountered on my own personal healing journey with my business Plantfolk. PLEASE NOTE: This class will not cover GMP?s or anything involving selling products for internal use.